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Our Work in the COVID-19 Crisis

We are proudly working alongside the other homeless services providers, in Ada, Canyon and Owyhee counties, to meet the needs of the low-income, homeless, and unsheltered populations.

In this time of great uncertainty, we need your help to click on the links above; volunteer if you are healthy, give supplies if you have extra, or make a cash donations if that is all you are able to do.

We know that if we band together during this crisis, we will all make it through this together.

You can help us by doing something as simple as starting a fundraiser for on your facebook page and inviting your friends and family to help us.  Each Facebook fundraiser typically brings in $300, which is enough money to provide either: 100 babies with diapers, 300 people a meal, 600 bottles of water, or 60 people blankets to get them through the night on the streets.

Image by Jason Leung

Message From the City of Boise: April 10th, 2020

Good afternoon,


As of Friday morning, April 10, we have ZERO cases of COVID-19 among our homeless population. What a testament to the good work of every agency serving this population!


To continue to protect these households and flatten the curve should our homeless population be exposed to the virus, the following processes are in place:



  • All brick and mortar restrooms in the parks are closed.

  • Ann Morrison Park has picnic tables, 8 porta potties in operation and the water fountain near the playground is turned on.

  • Rhodes Park will be chained off but the porta potties will remain accessible.

  • Interfaith Sanctuary’s Outside Campus is open 8am-8pm.

  • Our Path Home – OUTREACH staff are distributing homemade face masks, sandwiches and water (and re-usuable water bottles) in and around Cooper Ct, throughout the downtown core, and the park. 



  • To augment the isolation spaces available at the Boise Rescue Mission, the City is leasing a hotel for COVID-19 symptomatic/testing and/or COVID-19 positive individuals experiencing homelessness. 

  • Support services including staff and nutrition will be provided.



  • The Rescue Mission and Interfaith continue to screen guests at intake for COVID-19 symptoms.

  • FMRI is now staffing a mobile testing van at Interfaith Mon-Sat between the hours of 4:30p – 7:00p. The mobile van will round at each shelter (and the hotel once that resource is in place) if anyone is symptomatic and needs to be tested.


Thank you, please continue to take care,


Maureen Brewer

Our Path Home Administrator

Housing and Community Development

Office: 208-570-6845


Making Boise the most livable city in the country.

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