Tim Flaherty

Tim was born in South Boston, Massachusetts in the early 1980's.  As a child he moved to Northern Idaho.  It was in the mountains of Idaho that Tim learned to hike, hunt, and fish.  He enjoys most outdoor activities including river rafting, camping, and down hill skiing.


As a young entrepreneur Tim worked and invested in a number of successful businesses.  During the crash of 2008, Tim was involved in an illegal stock purchase.  He took responsibility for his actions and served 17 months at FPC Sheridan. 


This series of events changed the course of Tim's life and gave him the chance to see the world from a different perspective.  Tim felt called to a life of service. After his release, he found ways to contribute through volunteer work for several years.  


Eventually, Tim took a job at the Interfaith Sanctuary, a homeless shelter in Boise, Idaho.  He worked at the shelter for two years and during this time he helped hundreds of people make a plan, find employment, save money and finally move out of the shelter into stable housing.  In 2016, Tim created the phenomenally successful STEP program*.  Under his direction, exits from the shelter to stable employment and housing quadrupled.

Tim founded Astegos, Inc. in February 2017 to help augment and support the work of the great nonprofits in our community battling poverty.  Immediately Tim recruited friends, family, businessmen, artists, retirees, doctors and nurses to serve on the board of directors for Astegos, Inc.

In May of 2017, just three months after launching Astegos, Inc., Tim partnered with the Housing Company to create a transitional housing program that continues today.  Participants in the Astegos transitional housing program are assisted with Job Search and Life Skills, among other services.

Tim then went about the work of opening a Resource Center for Homeless Families.  Shortly thereafter the overnight shelters began offering daytime services to the families staying at their facilities.  This caused Astegos.org to focus on clinical counseling for the homeless. 


After two years, shelters began offering clinical counseling onsite at their facilities.  Now that overnight shelters offer daytime and counseling services, Astegos.org began to focus on street outreach, and launching a mobile health clinic. 


Every year Astegos.org feeds over 50,000 meals out of our food cart, we offer a monthly health clinic, and we engage more than 300 volunteers.

Tim believes in a collaborative approach to solving the problem of homelessness.  He has participated in the local Continuum of Care for several years.  He works with other nonprofit leaders to identify and implement programs.

Contact Tim via Email:  tim@astegos.org

*Prior to founding Astegos, Inc. Tim was the Assistant Director of Interfaith Sanctuary Housing Services, Inc.  Where he created the STEP out of homelessness program.  A comprehensive 10 step process that leads a person experiencing homelessness, step by step towards self-sufficiency.