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Teacher's Application

You can sign up to be a member of the Community Warehouse here. The sign-up is quick, easy, and free! Members are not just limited to teachers, but to all school employees! Keep Scrolling to find out what all you get in your membership!

Community Warehouse

The Community Warehouse has an incredible amount of stuff for your classroom and beyond. We have school supplies, arts & crafts, fidget and many other toys, household products, tools, clothing to bathtubs, lighting & plumbing fixtures and much more! We have new things almost daily! (Keep scrolling!)

Teacher's Night

Every month we have a night specifically dedicated to teachers! This includes compilatory snacks, refreshments & more! The Teacher's Nights will typically happen towards the end of each month. Make sure to check your email as we will keep you updated each month that way. (Keep scrolling for more!)

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