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A small group of committed individuals can accomplish almost anything if they put their minds to it... Team leaders serve 1-2 year terms with our organization.


This team of dedicated leaders work together to achieve our goals as they organize, inspire and support more than three hundred volunteers annually.

Current Team Leaders:

Ken Hodgell

Sharon Rose

Matt McLeod

Launee Wolverton

Luis Gonzales

Estephania Gonzales

Jose Urbina

Past Team Leaders:

Jacob Marshall

Kayla Molner

Mike Akkerman

Greg Gawronski

James Sorenson

Patrick Daly

Antonio Bommarito

Lacey Williams

Torrin Helbling

Jenny Mireles

Mike Fitch

Donna Waterfield

Edward Gisbert

Mark Akkerman

Brianna Gorman

Anna Cutler

Tony Coutts

Joseph Inoka

Jennifer Lopez

Thomas Klassy

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