About Us

Love, Feed, Clothe, Counsel, House

Our organization grew out of a desire to help those most in need, who are living unsheltered on the streets of our community.  That desire to help has been met with support from hundreds of individual volunteers and donors.  Since our founding in 2017, we've grown into a housing provider, basic needs depot, and interstate transportation provider. 


Our Team is dedicated to helping solve the problems that face our community's poorest and most vulnerable.

We work directly with those experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, veterans, those who are returning to society from prison, and undocumented children.  We also work with those who are living under communist dictatorship in Venezuela.  We help them overcome the barriers in their pathway out of poverty and support them as they find independence.

Our goal is to serve as many people as we can one person at a time.  We do this with love, compassion and a daily commitment to be the organization they can count on for help.